Nutri Moist


NUTRI CREME moisturiser, vitamins with multiple benefits and hydrating and nourishing actives for soft and comfortable skin.

– A combination of essential oils, of which orange, lemon, sweet lime, lavender and rosemary for their refreshing and purifying qualities, leaving the skin fresh and clean.



The “orange juice” of your skin
After cleansing your face and neck with GEL MOUSSE , and in case you shaved with CREME À BARBE , all you have to do is to apply a thin layer of NUTRI CREME in order to protect and nourish your skin. Its fresh citruses scented texture is quickly aborbed.
In the case you are also using the ANTI-AGE cream , you may consider alternating one another.


• Grapefruit : hydrating
• Vitamins C, E : antioxidant
• Vitamin A : regenerating
• Vitamin B5 : soothing – hydrating
• Squash seed oil and olive oil : nourishing – protecting
• Essential oils* of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress, thyme, orange, lemon and sweet lime : purifying – soothing – energising – astringent – toning