A veil of freshness to balance and prepare the skin for its daily beauty routine, to be used after cleansing the skin and before applying the serum or cream. Dispersed in very fine drops, this phyto-aromatic beauty mist gives a real boost to the epidermis anytime of the day.
The dry skin version of LOTION YON-KA is enriched in vegetal glycerin for its hydrating properties.

Its plus :
* The Yon-Ka Quintessence, invigorating and energizing
* A delicate scent from Provence
* A user-friendly spray, very handy, to use directly towards the face
* LOTION YON-KA is alcohol-free, the skin does not feel uncomfortably too tight

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A toner that purifies the epidermis
After cleansing your skin thoroughly, spray a generous amount of lotion on the face and neck and gently dab into the skin.
When using MASQUE 105 : spray the lotion onto the mask to enhance its results.