Huile Detox oil


This light-weight aromatic oil combines the nourishing action of Baobab and Sesame oils to the unique power of mastic tree tear drops.
On the Greek island of Chios, the centennial Pistacia lentiscus mastic trees produce natural resin drops, called “the tears of Chios”. They help promote the quantity of youthfulness proteins in the cells which beautifies your skin and brings it a new glow.
HUILE DÉTOX is the perfect ally of your skin; revived and nourished is looks more radiant.



Nourishing and reviving for the body and hair
Morning and/or evening, spray the oil on the whole body and massage it in with light strokes.
HUILE DÉTOX is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin soft, invigorated and visibly more beautiful. Its light texture allows you to get dressed immediately after it has been applied.


Tears of Pistacia Lentiscus mastic tree: stimulating
• Sunflower oil: nourishing, softening
• Sesame oil: nourishing, restructuring
• Baobab oil: nourishing, anti-oxidant

The Yon-Ka’s products are not tested on animals. They are paraben-free and GMO-free.