Phyto 152


PHYTO 152 acts upon the skin tone, related to ageing or weight changes. Mixed with Yon-Ka Quintessence, the rosemary extract helps fight skin sagging while beech bud peptides help regenerate the skin and restructure the epidermis.
Hazelnut oil and vegetal glycerine help promote hydration thus helping fight pregnancy potential damages and maintain a sculpted tone bust. Thanks to their combined action, the skin is nourished and recovers its subtleness.

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An application beneficial to the whole body
Apply PHYTO 152 in a thin layer onto your body and bust, insisting on the concerned areas. You may perform this ritual morning and evening.
In order to boost its firming and hydrating properties, complement your cream with GALBOL 190.
If tired legs are a daily challenge we recommend you to apply, from toes to hips, CRÈME 55 in the morning and PHYTO 152 in the evening.