After Sun Milk


After being exposed to the sun, the skin needs to be nourished and hydrated in order to regain its softness and suppleness. LAIT APRÈS-SOLEIL will provide this soothing effect thanks to its many vegetal extracts amongst which chamomile, St John’s Wort, blueberry, linden and allantoin. Allantoin soothes irritated epidermis while cucumber extracts rehydrates the skin deeply.
Quickly absorbed, this care leaves your skin velvety and comfortable.

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The right habit
Even if you protect your skin, the skin will always be somehow affected by the sun rays. Therefore, every time you expose your skin to the sun, do not forget to hydrate deeply your face and body by applying LAIT APRES-SOLEIL on a regular basis.

For added nutrition, mix a little LAIT APRES-SOLEIL with your NUTRI + and apply to the face.


• Allantoin, blueberry, calendula, chamomile, Saint John’s Wort, mayweed, linden, vitamin B5 : soothing
• Cucumber : hydrating, smoothing
• Vitamin A : anti-oxidant
• Yon-Ka Quintessence: revitalising, balancing

The Yon-Ka’s products are not tested on animals. They are paraben-free and GMO-free.

Additional information

Additional information

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