Recommended to refine skin’s texture, GOMMAGE YON-KA is a plant based scrubs with no micro-grains or any abrasive particules. Its softness allows it to treat the most fragile skins .

GOMMAGE YON-KA is rich in carob and brown algae extracts known for their smoothing and exfoliating actions. The purifying and clarifying essential oil of lime and soothing white nettle bring light and freshness to dull skins. The vegetal glycerin brings a long lasting hydration.
This hydrating-exfoliating gel 4 in 1, smoothes, brightens complexion, hydrates and balances the skin now lighting up with a new-found radiance.

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The simple step to brighten dull skin
1 to 3 times a week, after cleansing or removing makeup, apply the gel in a thick layer onto the face and neck. Allow it to work for 1 to 2 minutes. Rub it off gently with your fingertips using very light and soft touch , then using moist cotton pads.

Note: very dehydrated skins may absord the gel completely. In this case in order to allow exfoliation, renew the application and repeat.

GOMMAGE YON-KA is not to be rinsed off, it will be completed by the spray of LOTION YON-KA mist, reviving and hydrating.