SPF 25, Cream


All skins must be protected against the sun. Depending on your skin type and the intensity of the sun, SPF 25 Broad Spectrum UVA & UVB offers medium protection while allowing tanning. It contains actives that filter the sun’s rays.



The must-have of your beach bag
With its user-friendly service cap, SPF 25 Broad Spectrum is to be applied before sun exposure. Renew the application at least every 2 hours and after bathing.
In order to protect your skin on a daily basis, SPF 25 may be used as a day care. Your face will be protected against the damaging effects of sun exposure for any activity you undertake during the day.



• Fruit extracts, vegetal glycerine, urea: anti-wrinkles, hydrating, renewing
• Cereal and wheat germ oil: nourishing, protecting
• Soya peptides: smoothing
• Mimosa tenuiflora: replenishing, calming
• Chemical filters: anti UVA & UVB
• Vitamin E: anti-oxidant
• Yon-Ka Quintessence : revitalising, balancing.

Rich in fruit extracts and wheat germ oil, it helps prevent against skin aging. Mimosa tenuiflora complements the formula to soothe the epidermis.
Specifically designed to be well tolerated by all skin types it is free of titanium dioxide nanoparticles and is non-comedogenic, non-phyto-irritating, non- photosensitising and it is tested under dermatological supervision.

The Yon-Ka’s products are not tested on animals. They are paraben-free and GMO-free.