Lait Auto Bronzant – Self-Tanning Milk


This double-action tanning milk may be used throughout the year to achieve a first golden glow on the face and body. The DHA it encloses allows to get visible results from the very first application, as soon as 3 to 4 hours and lasting 3 to 4 days there after.

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A golden glow before the beach
Ideally you should perform a soft exfoliation on your face with Gommage Yon-Ka before using LAIT AUTO-BRONZANT.
Begin the application of the milk from the centre part of the face and stretch it towards the sides. Avoid excess application on the eyebrows, hair line and knees…

The Lait AUTO-BRONZANT is not a sun protection ! Do not forget to bring your SPF 25 or SPF 50 (+liens) cream to the beach or when exposed to the sun. Choose the appropriate protection according to your skin type and sun intensity.


• DHA : self-tanning
• Shea butter: repairing, nourishing, protecting
• Vegetal glycerine: hydrating, repairing
• Rice oil, vitamin E: anti-oxidant

The Yon-Ka’s products are not tested on animals. They are paraben-free and GMO-free.


• Provides a golden glow in no time
• Allows a unified and natural, streak-free tone, even on fair skins
• Does not leave an oily feeling onto the skin: once applied it is absorbed by the skin and you can get dressed with no fear of stains transferred on your clothes.