Cream ANTI-AGE draws its benefits in the regenerating beech bud, mimosa tenuiflora and vitamin A.
The purifying and pollution scavenger moringa is combined with antioxidant vitamins C and E.
Vitamin B5 and imperata cylindrica along with olive phytosqualane soothe and hydrate the skin lastingly.
The non-oily texture of this cream and its aromatic scent of citruses, lavender and rosemary essential oils* make it a rewarding application.



A long lasting hydration
Apply a thin layer of cream ANTI-AGE on your face and neck, after cleasing your skin with GEL MOUSSE Yon-Ka , or after exfoliating with SCRUB MOUSSE and/or after shaving.
In order to treat the eye contour, we recommend you complement your routine with UNDER EYE GEL


• Beech buds, mimosa tenuiflora, vitamin A : restructuring – smoothing
• Moringa : anti-pollution – purifying
• Vitamins C et E : antioxidant
• Imperata cylindrica : hydrating
• Olive phytosqualane : anti-dehydrating
• Vitamin B5 : soothing – hydrating
• Essential oils* of citruses , lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress, thyme : tonifying – energising

– Tolerance tested under dermatological control – Non comedogenic

• 100%* : The cream is quickly absorbed
• 89%* : Product deemed pleasant to delightful

– Signifcant improvement of the skin’s hydration, + 81% 1 hour after being applied, and sustainable for at least 8 hours**.

*Self-assessment – Clinical survey carried with18 men of ages 20 to 39, combination to oily skins and prone to acne, 67% also had sensitive skin. Application once a day in the morning for 4 weeks.